In this age of technology, when everything is digital, AdultColorPages.com is meant to be where people can come for some ‘old-fashioned’ printable coloring pages. After all, nothing can ever replace the anticipation brought on by a freshly printed coloring page or the smell of sharpened crayons. We believe no one is ever too old for coloring pages, and AdultColorPages.com is our endeavor to help you keep your inner child alive.

Our artists have years of experience in designing coloring pages. They are putting their knowledge to good use as they create unique and intricate mandala-style coloring sheets for this unparalleled platform where your wishes and happiness come first. The thing about the coloring sheets here is that they are all free to print. It’s because we believe the best things in life come free.

Meet The Artists

Toushali Banerjee

An artist, and graphic design graduate, Toushali has been honing her skills all her life just to make the world a better place through her designs. When you finish a coloring page she has designed with all her heart, her life becomes that much more complete. Her hard work pays off when coloring a butterfly mandala makes your stress go away for a couple of hours!

Somnath Das

Somnath Das, an artist with his computer screen as his canvas, works with just one objective. To reach your screens and your hearts with his designs. His biggest inspiration is the people who will print out his drawings and add colors to them. It’s the biggest compliment when you feel his drawings are worthy of your leisure hours.